Modern Pendant lights

Things to Consider When Selecting Pendants for Your Home

Lighting is often undervalued when installing the fixture at the time of remodeling. It is the last thing people plan for and decide its budget. Many people don’t even care what type of luminaires they are using for the brightness. Also, there are times when their homes are not properly lit and have dimmer or brighter illumination than the original requirement.

You should not overlook the importance of luminosity in their home. Lighting can create a beautiful or an ugly look in your room depending on what type of fixture you choose. A fixture that is just functioning correctly is not enough. Opt for Pendants if you really want to illuminate your room perfectly.

Pendants are usually a bulb with a lampshade. The lampshade can be used as a reflector or diffuser of light. They create an inviting and open ambiance while adding the finishing touch to your room. Install them at the area with open floor plans, kitchen, dining room, living room. These can also be a perfect choice for a game room for the billiards table.

But before you select these, let’s know about how they function. We all know about the three key types of lighting i.e. – Ambient, accent, and task. Pendants can work as a task or a general ambient lighting. If you want to buy pendant lighting, the following are the things which can be useful for choosing the best one.



The type of light is the most important part you need to focus. Whether it’s for a task or ambient lighting, select according to your requirement.



It’s very important to select the type and style of a fixture that you buy. The materials used for pendant lights are glass, metal, fabric or plastic. The transparent glass diffuses the light more effectively which makes it perfect modern light for any room. A pendant made of materials like bronze, chrome, nickel, brass etc. is very attractive and eye-catching.

Many pendant lights come in various color and style so you can choose the color you want.


Size & Placement

A large pendant can be used to create the focal point of any room be it above a billiards table or dining table. Installing small pendants in a series can create ambient lighting in the room while still work as task lighting if installed above eye level.

If you don’t select the right size, you may end up with a pendant too big or small for the room or one. Also, you may select the one that hangs too low. So, always measure the space you want to illuminate before buying one.


Type of Bulb

There are a variety of bulbs available nowadays which can be used in pendants for brightness. However, selecting an appropriate bulb is always an easy task. LED Light Bulb is an effective way of better illumination with high energy-saving.



The cost of pendants varies with the enrichment of its size, design, and style. The bigger the size of the pendant, the more costly it will be. So decide the budget for a pendant in advance before you fall for an expensive pendant.

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