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5 Tips for Better Garden Lighting

Selecting lighting fixtures for outdoor applications is an easy task. It is completely different from selecting indoor lights. The reflection of light is not considered as a big issue for outdoors as it is for indoors. Our eyes don’t need that much illumination for locations such as landscape, lawn etc. to see the shadows and patterns.

Here we will talk about how you can get better lighting fixtures for your garden.


There are three types of lighting fixtures you can select for outdoors –

General ambient – It is used for uniform lighting distribution in a selected area.

Task – It is used for some special tasks such as path lighting.

Accent – It is used to draw attention to a specific area.


Many types of bulbs can be used for outdoor fixtures. Using incandescent bulb can give an alluring look but these consume so much energy that will cost you so much. The alternatives of incandescent are Halogen bulbs and Fluorescent bulbs. Halogen bulb is slightly modified version of the traditional bulb which lasts longer and consumes lesser energy than incandescent. Fluorescents also can be used for garden lighting applications.


But if you want to create a marvelous lighting effect with pleasing colors, we recommend you go with LED Bulbs. The energy efficiency you will get from these bulbs will never be found in other traditional bulbs. The long lifespan and extraordinary low energy condition save you a lot of money by saving electricity.


It is always different how we see the light during the day than the night. As the garden lighting is mostly used at night time, selecting the right combination of lights can help achieve the beautiful look of your garden. Read these tips for making the most of your garden –


Envision and Division        

First of all, you should take a walk into your yard and decide how and when you want to use the spaces. Once you have envisioned all this, you should try the division approach. By the division approach, you can divide the garden into different zones and select the different types of lights for each zone.


Illuminate Pathway

The garden lights which draw huge attention are the ones installed on pathways. Your main focus should be selecting the most suitable pathways lighting.


Highlight water features

Installing spike lights and other suitable waterproof fixtures around the pool create the central illumination which soothes everyone’s eyes. Using lights at the borders of the pond can really draw attention to its features.


Entries and Gateways

Install LEDs overhead or at both sides of the front, back of the entry door. Use low voltage luminaries for the driveways.


Architectural features

Installing LED Architectural lights can be used to highlight the features of the walls and other parts. A floodlight used to glow the wall creates special highlights. It also provides accent lighting to nearby plants.


The lights you install should be certified for safe to use publicly. We recommend you to take the help of a certified electrician to do all the ground wiring work. Taking the advice of lighting designers and manufacturers can also be helpful in placing the lights correctly.

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