Create beautiful ambiance with Sofy LED Solar Lantern Genie. The 0.5W lantern has only one LED in it. We offer a wide range of Solar Lanterns. Contact us for more information about the product.

Technical Specifications

Light O/P Wattage (in Watts) 0.5W

Number of Led 1

Panel Specification 0.5W/5V

Autonomous Time in Hours

High: 6, Low: 12

Daily Back up Time in Hours

High: 5, Low: 11

Charging Time Solar 8-10 Hours

Solar Panel Type         Polycristaline

Battery Type         Li-ion

Battery Specification 3.7V / 550mA

Housing                 ABS + PC

Light O/P in LUX AT 1 FT. 25L

Light O/P Type 360°

Circuit                                 Analog

Number of Units Per Master Carton 30

Unit Dimensions LxWxH (in mm)     220 x 220 x 340 mm

Carton Dimensions LxWxH (in mm)     600 x 400 x 680 mm

Master Box Nett Weight (in Kgs) 16

Qty in A 20ft Container (in Pcs)     9600 Apx

Qty in A 40ft HC Container (in Pcs)     22000 Apx

Additional Feature
Led Indicator on Product
Battery Protection
Three Stage Light
Green Led - Charging
High and Low Cut
Output Adjustment
Red Led - Battery Low
Off Voltage Provided


• Residential purpose

• Mobile charging

• Working table

• Emergency Lighting


• Zero Mercury Content

• Glare-free light

• Micro-Controller Based Circuit

• Inbuilt Mobile Charging

• Hi-Strength Polymer casing

• Two Mode of brightness

• 10-6 Hour Long back-up

• Charged by solar power as well as with the AC charger.

• Ribbed chimney with eye safe lens

• Overcharge, over discharge Protection

• Portable lantern

• Long Life

Sofy Lantern Genie

  • Product Code: Sofy Lantern Genie