Smart Lighting: Pros and Cons

If you are not aware of the smart lighting revolution but are considering to switching to smart lights, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will introduce you to the pros and cons of smart lighting. Not just it, we will also mention if they are good for you, easy in installation and everything else you need to know before you switch to smart LED Lighting.

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is a fast growing trend at the present time and it can also be referred as connected home technology. No doubt, it will be the norm in a few years. If take its basic meaning level, to make any gadget smart means it needs to be connected to the internet or to a phone directly so that it can be controlled by an app. The same thing also applies to lighting, when it can be controlled remotely via smart phones, it is termed smart lighting.

The IoT (internet of things) is the big deal here which suggests the idea of smart home technology. Its aim is to connect every electronic appliance in the home and control them from one device. This includes every smart gadget that can be connected to the internet to make life easier. That’s where smart lighting comes in the limelight. It is leading category in smart home technology. It’s affordable, easy to install and is capable of enhancing safety and security of your home.


Smart lights are usually controlled by smart phones or tablet via an app be it an IOS or Android operating system. It can also be connected directly to the Wi-Fi connection or to any phone via Bluetooth.

Smart lights system is not an obligatory thing. They can easily be transformed into normal light fittings and can be controlled by the light switches if you want to do that. Usually, the installation process is easy and not that much expensive as you think.

The main advantage of smart lighting is that if Wi-Fi enabled, it can be controlled from anywhere. You don’t need to walk to the switch and turn on the light. It is effective in terms of energy efficiency purpose. Laziness is not an excuse for energy saving, switch on and off any light with just one tap on your smart phone’s screen.

One more advantage is that it provides color options. By going smart you don’t have to stay in white light always. It offers you to pick any color of light you want with lighting effect and set-timing options. Set an atmosphere according to your mood be it for club lighting or to read a book, it perfectly fits in everything.

When movement sensors are installed with smart lighting, it can enhance the security of your home to the whole new level. The movement sensors are able to detect any motion performed in its range and turn on alarm doesn’t matter whether you are at home or away.


‘Smart Lighting’ is the buzz these days and mentioned as a revolution in lighting history because it is capable of saving a lot of energy.

Smart lighting’s benefits are realized when connected with LED lighting installation to replace CFLs or Halogen lighting. This way it can save a significant amount of energy.

But for those who recently switched to LED lights in their home, office or outdoor areas, adding smart control may not stay up to that mark. It might not show you that huge difference in energy saving as it was in replacement of incandescent and other lightings like fluorescent and halogen lamps for LED lights.

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