The new 180W LED Street Light

LEDfy’s new 180 W Street Light is all set for the challenges

Recently, LEDfy launched its brand new Streetlight last month making an upgrade in the LED lighting technology. The innovative approach of the company is really setting its record on the domestic as well as overseas level. This product has really got the huge attention of many renowned companies and lighting manufacturers. This rating of this product is comparatively high owing to the fact that this is a “made in India” product. The company believes that this is going to be a real game-changer in the outdoor lighting applications.

Let’s take a look at what this light is offering that is making LEDfy proud –

Input Voltage

AC 220V, 50/60HZ

Yes, you read that right. The energy input is as low as other outdoor LED lights and yet it is capable of delivering brighter illumination that covers a broad area. This input voltage ensures that energy saving is not an issue with this product.

Beam Angle

60/120 Degrees

The beam angle remains an important factor as always whenever we have to select new luminaries to upgrade existing light source. It’s something that you should select according to the location where LED is to be installed. The wrong selection of beam angle results in poor and non-uniform light level.

LEDfy offers both 60 degrees and 120 degrees option with this creation. This means you can easily have an ideal brightness for outdoor areas.

Color Temperature


As we discussed earlier, the color temperature can affect the lighting atmosphere in many ways. This product offers three different range of color temperature. This product provides flexibility to select the right color temperature according to the need of consumer be it warm white, the cool white of same as the daylight.

LED Specification

COB NICHIA > 140 lm/Watt

LED drivers function same as ballasts in other lamps. They change the AC of high voltage into DC of low voltage on which LEDs operate. The light becomes useless without a driver as it is responsible for the illumination in the fixture. It also controls the voltage fluctuation. In addition, it provides the control on the brightness of a lighting product and the dimmable luminaries can’t work without it.

This LEAF model has the high-quality COB NICHIA driver which provides superior electrical performance. This reduces the amount of energy consumption and makes the product energy-efficient and user-friendly. The 140 lumens per Watt brightness is a now dream come true for lighting manufactures with this 180 W street light.

So these are the features of the whole new LEAF Model. These features surely leave other street lights behind. No doubt this is the perfect example of innovation in LED lights. The lighting of this model can be experienced at LEDfy Light World, the first lighting experience center of North India. Now make the outdoor lighting more exciting and more energy efficient than ever with LEDfy 180 W LED street light LEAF Model (with lens).

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