LEDfy – LED Lighting Products for Home and Office Use

As we all know that LED lights have become the most reliable source of lighting lately. The ability to distribute uniform light, cool brightness, saving energy in significant amount and variation in shape and size are the reasons that anyone would want to switch to LED. If you think that they are very expensive then you are completely wrong because nowadays buying LEDs are not that expensive as they used to be. Easy to install, the ability to illuminate just about any space and lighting up at the full intensity just at the moment of switching on etc. are its most appreciated features of these lights. Using these lights in place of incandescent and CFLs is very effective in terms of saving money as these led lights are very energy efficient.

LED Lighting Solution

LED Lighting is now available in many types, be it for home, office or outdoor uses. The number of products of LED is growing every year. The continuous innovation in these products for increasing energy efficiency and improving the manufacturing process results in cost-reduction and enhances the performance. The most common types of LED lighting products used for home and office purpose are given below-

  • LED Bulb – The most common type of light used in almost every home and office. It is a perfect replacement for incandescent and CFLs used as indoor led lighting.
  • Tube Lights – Tube lights of LED are more reliable than normal tube lights. They save more energy and are smaller and shorter from regular ones. These are the best source for regular lighting purpose.
  • Downlights– These lights are best to use for the indoor purpose. It is coated with white powder extruded aluminum die-cast for uniform light distribution.
  • Concealed Downlights – These are new downlights with a built-in LED driver. These are more safe and convenient as they hardly lose any light and produce heat.
  • Surface Lights – These are the lights that can be mounted on a surface. These make your environment pleasant by delivering comfortable light appearance and advanced quality performance.
  • Panel Lights – These lights are available in round and square shapes. These are known for their optimum performance and have very good quality standards.
  • Ceiling Panel – It is an indoor light that meets your different requirements. It’s an advanced version of panel light which is mounted in a ceiling. In terms of power savings, these lights also offer dimmable function.
  • LED Lamp – This is designed with some chips combined together to emit more than 300 lm/w. Nowadays lamps with 360-degree radiate light angle are becoming more popular. The light output of this lamp is a very good replacement of CFLs and other traditional lamps.
  • COB Light – COB light is a new technology oriented lighting product. It is developed using multiple LED which works as a single light.
  • Strip Lights – These lights are used for decorative purpose. These can be used to light up any structure be it small of large in size. They are very flexible and can be coiled, wound up or shaped in any desired figure.
  • Track Light – When lighting is required that can be physically moved, track light is the best option. It can be mounted on railings and can be moved along the rail path to the desired location. It can be installed in a group or individually according to the requirements of the user.

All of these lighting products are available in various types and designs. Select desired product according to your need. You can buy these products based on the color you require, Watts and Lumens you need for brightness level. Don’t forget to read the detailed information of brightness and energy consumption which are given on the packaging of every product.

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