How to select Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Nowadays, there are many options to select outdoor lighting according to the outdoor conditions, specific location or events. But with the days getting shorter day by day, the outdoor lighting needs to be lit longer. Hence Re-evaluating your lighting need and changing some lighting resources may be helpful in saving energy and money as well.  As you all know, Incandescent lights consume more energy and using them is equivalent to burning a hole in your pocket. This suggests that the more efficient lighting products you use, the more energy you’ll save.

There are many alternatives for it, but LED lighting is the best replacement so far. The regular innovation in LED technology has made possible for you to select lighting not only for illumination but according to applications too. LED outdoor lighting has a lot more to offer than you can possibly imagine. All these lights are designed to deliver enhanced performance. They offer very low overall life-cycle cost when compared with other light sources like an incandescent bulb, CFLs, and Halogen Lamps without compromising the quality of lighting and performance. This is what makes the LEDs the best replacement of traditional lighting sources. Replacing conventional lighting for LEDs can offer you a reduction in the energy bill for lighting up to 90%.

Special Considerations

Lighting Types – Before buying an outdoor bulb or other lighting product fixture it’s best to make sure the product is suitable for outdoor locations and wet conditions. Usually, the products that are suitable for outdoor locations are also suitable for wet conditions and vice versa. If they are not suitable for these conditions then we advise you not to use them.

Verified Light – Choose a certified product based on its operating capabilities. Certified products are all acronyms for reliability and safety. Choose lights that are rated for the particular environments you are using.

Lumens – It’s not necessary to choose only max wattage lighting fixture. The optimum lighting brightness for any area is enough. Choose lights that offer maximum lumens per watt. Excessive brightness can have an adverse effect on the eyesight.

Energy Efficiency –LED outdoor lighting is more energy efficient. When lighting controls are applied with LED light such as dimmable feature, it can amaze you with its energy saving performance. Switching to solar lighting is also recommended. These lights are affordable, eco-friendly and an alternative to many outdoor lighting products.

Type and Applications


Type of Light Applications
Garden lights Garden Lighting, Gate Light, Terrace Light, Path Lighting
Landscape Lights Landscape lighting, Garden Lighting, Up lighting
Flood Light Open Area Lighting, Stadium Lighting, Toll Plaza
Spike Lights Garden Lighting, Tree Highlighting, Statue, Highlighting, Features Highlighting
Up Down Lights Facade Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Terrace Area Lighting
Boundary Lights Highway Lighting, Street Lighting, Landscape area lighting, Boundary wall lighting, Garden Lighting
Bollard Lights Pathway Lighting, Garden Lighting, Swimming Pool, Deck lighting, Open Terrace Lighting

The right lighting creates a beautiful ambiance and welcoming doorway for guests. It also helps in creating the appearance of safety and security. Choose outdoor lighting fixture which enhances lighting performance of your home. The manufacturers are always there to help if you need to know about the details or to double check any information.

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