Ambient Lighting Ideas

Everything You Need To Know About LED Ambient Lighting

What does the term “ambient lighting” mean? How to select ambient lighting? With so many types of lighting options available, it can create a little confusion when you want to lighten your home or office. In this blog, we will talk about everything you need to know about ambient lighting.

There are three basic types of lighting i.e. Ambient, task and accent lighting. A combination of all three types of lighting can be used to effective distribution of light. Each of these options has different properties and specifications that can enhance the whole building’s appearance. So choosing the right mishmash of all three can be really a blessing for your home or office lighting.

Ambient lighting is the light that comes from all directions and illuminates the overall area. Unlike directional lighting which emits parallel light rays in a certain direction leaving rest part of the area unaffected, it covers the whole area with brightness. It delivers a comforting echelon of glare-free brightness.

It delivers a soft glow that mantles your room making it easier to work without causing a harsh glare. If installed at right locations, it can create an excellent ambiance to relax from a tiring day. Dimmers are often used with this lighting to create brightness according to your mood be it for friendly get together or a warm conversation with your partner.

The ambient lighting luminaries are also used in photography and other camera work and considered as the natural light. It is also used in some yoga studios to create softer brightness that helps in relieving the stress from the body.

How can you get this look?

Effective ambient lighting can augment your home. We recommend the following lights to get this look –

Recessed Lights

Recessed fixtures are the prime and most common source of ambient lighting. Panel lights, Ceiling panels, COBs, and downlights can be used as a prime source of brightness. Try using these in a series to light up your space. These can be installed in any type of ceiling. If your ceiling is lower, try to control the brightness by using dimmers as light should not be too harsh in the room.


Pendants and Chandeliers

If you have taller ceilings then this combination is suitable for your home. Select which height is best for your luminosity requirement and install these lights accordingly. These lights are classic to use in foyers.

Wall mounted lights

Wall mounted lights are so flexible that works almost everywhere. Avoid installing too many lights in one location as it can create bad lighting experience. When positioned carefully, these look great in hallways and porches. Use wall sconces to highlight the architecture of your home.

Creating zones for your lighting can also be useful as you can shut down the lighting when it isn’t in use. Ambient lighting can be really effective in your main seating area. If you are willing to use light that is environment-friendly and are energy-efficient as well, LED lighting can enhance and play down these elements.

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