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Decorate your home with LED Strip Lights

Every LED luminaire has its own specific applications for which it is designed. Lighting developers keep the functioning area in mind while designing a light so that it meets all the requirements for that field. When it comes to decorating home with colorful illumination, there is no other source which can be as effective as Led Strip Lights. It is one of the most trending home decorating lights.

These strips come in various rich colors including RGB, violet, blue yellow, warm white, white or mixed colors. They are very thin and easy to install at almost every indoor and some outdoor locations. The flexibility they offer is marvelous as you can install them even at the place where older bulbs can’t be placed. LED Strip lighting can create an absolute attractive way to decorate your home. Let’s take a look at some stunning ways to decorate your home –

Kitchen Decoration

We all know that kitchen is the heart of any house. Installing these strips into kitchen spectacularly increase the beauty of your kitchen. Not just that, it also advances your mood to cook food ecstatically. You can use these strips at the following locations –

  • Under and Above Cabinet – These strips can be used for above cabinet and under cabinet lighting. The above cabinet illumination generates gorgeous glow. Just place a 6w or 12w and see the difference for yourself.
  • Under Counter – Installing these strips under the cabinet create a beautiful indirect lighting environment and give an astonishing look to your kitchen.
  • Glass Shelf or Shelf flaring – If take inspiration from clubs and bars etc. then those sparkling glass shelf look can be given to kitchen shelves too. If the shelf is made of glass then it can be perfectly illuminated with Glass mounted strips. For random a shelf, install these strips in architecture fixtures mounted into the surface under the shelf and beautify the kitchen. You can also check how to Select the Right Light for Your Kitchen for the detailed description.

Dining Room

The Dining room is the most important place worth decorating. Add a unique flair to your decor by adding these strips under the Dining Table. To illuminate the counter surfaces put these lights under them. Don’t put any limit on your imagination and install them at any place you find worthy of decoration. Put them under the tables of even with chairs in the dining room. This type of decoration gives an artistic look of lighting that lends a very cool vibe to every place.

Bedroom and Living room

You won’t believe what these strips can do to your living room or bedroom if you are in a mood of decorating these places.  You can use them as accent lighting just for warm white illumination. These lights offer different color temperature that directly impacts your mood and cheer you up. You can design your wardrobe with these strips giving an outstanding appearance to it. Using these strips apart from hanger lights can also decorate your closet. Additionally, you can put these LED lights Strips into the drawers to add extra shine. Use adhesives tapes with these to decorate mirrors, wall-mounted televisions, and other fixtures.

Highlighting Architectural Design

Highlight the architecture design of your home with these strips. Draw attention to stairs, highlight windows, railings, ceiling cove and other architectural places. The right selection of colors can emphasize the design adding extra to it.  Designing your home with Strip lights is an easy and energy-efficient way to achieve architecture exquisiteness.

There are a million options to put a LED strip light i.e. bedroom, living room, hall, kitchen, façade of the building. You can also create an effective Night lighting ambiance with LED tape lights aka strip lights.

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