tips for better office lighting

5 Lighting Tips for a Better Office

An office is a place where teamwork makes the difficult tasks very easy. It’s a place where productivity, efficiency, and attentiveness are very much appreciated. If you ever feel like your employees are not able to perform as well as they should be on a working day, it might not really be their fault. The atmosphere of an office can affect above-mentioned factors in both positive and negative manner. So, take a break and scrutinize your office’s working atmosphere. Some modification in your working environment can enhance performance and productivity of yourself and your employees.

Apart from architectural and space point of view, this area must be well designed with lighting too. You shouldn’t underestimate this factor. Lighting environment has more influence over people than you can possibly imagine. The lighting brightness can affect your mood in many ways. People tend to be responsive and alert in a brighter environment, and relaxing and a bit lazy in a dimmer one. So, the slight improvement in the lighting can increase the productivity of workers. Below are some tips to light up your office perfectly –

Switch To LED

The traditional lighting source is not an answer for this so opt for LED lighting solution. Installing LED lighting in home and office is the best move you will ever make when it comes to select the right light. This latest lighting source is good enough for your office lighting. Apart from creating a suitable environment, this environment-friendly lighting is also energy efficient that reduce the electricity cost by a considerable amount.

Use Flicker Free luminaries

The flicker in lighting can be harmful to the people working in this environment. It causes anxiety, headache and many other problems that we generally don’t consider detrimental but living for a long time under flickering lights can be potentially dangerous. Choose ISO certified and BIS approved (in India) lights which ensure the quality of lighting. LED Drivers used in these luminaires should also be well built. This minimizes the flicker and delivers high-quality illumination.

Say Yes to Glare-free illumination

Glare-free lighting provides visual comfort that provides relaxation to eyes. The presence of glare causes strain on eyes making it difficult to focus. No one needs unnecessary challenges when he is already dealing with important ones. Using Anti-glare spectacles when working on a laptop or looking at a screen of the projector is also an effective option. Ambient lighting with glare-free illumination is the most comfortable light in the office.

Select the Right Color Temperature

The best source of illumination is Nature. But since natural lighting can’t be used every time and every office, you have to artificial lights that provide natural look-alike brightness. Selection of right color temperature for different spaces is also important. The more natural lighting it feels like, the more efficiency of workers increases. It helps in improving work output as well as the health of employees.


The ability to control the brightness and getting optimum brightness is provided by dimmable luminaires. LED task lights and other LEDs offer dimmable option by which you can control the light output. You can dim it whenever facing brainstorming and keep it at the basic level when feeling tired etc.