LEDfy linear lights are designed to fit with perfection. LINEA is a slim linear line of LED light which uses a combination of the anodized Aluminum profile with LED Strips. These are Sleek Luminaires which are designed to eradicate the dotting effect from LED strip using clip-on frosted diffusers. LINEA provide continuous lighting levels even in a long run. These lights are suitable for general illumination, especially for architectural lighting applications.

The diffuser of the light produces uniformed light on the surface of the luminaire making it a perfect fitting glare-free light that can be installed in the direct line of sight. The extrusions offer flexible installation process with many options for configuration. We provide excellent heat sinks for high power LEDs.


• Anodized/PU Coated Aluminum Profile,

 L - 3600mm / W - 25mm / H - 30mm

• PC Diffuser - L=3600mm

• PC Diffuser - Frosted/Opal

• End Cap - Plastic (ABS)


• Accent Lighting

• Display cases

• Under-cabinet

• Perimeter ambient lighting Surface, 

• Task Lighting

• Wall washing

• Office, Conference Room


• Energy efficient

• Glare-free light

• Giving high quality of light

• Flexible installation

• Suspended or Surface mounting

• Mounting: fixed or adjustable mounting brackets

• Multiple Color options available

• Can be customized in various shape: - pentagon, hexagon

Linea 25x30

  • Product Code: LINEA 25X30