ECO LED is a category of linear LED lights with high power. This unit of LED Lights is able to produce more brightness up to 2500lm/m. ECO allows the designers to combine different color led strips with varying color temperatures in a single extrusion. It can be used as a general light in corridors, offices, libraries etc.
ECO provides continuous lighting levels even in a long run. The extrusions offer flexible installation process with many options for configuration. We provide excellent heat sinks for high power LEDs.

• Anodized Aluminum Profile
 L - 3600mm / W - 35mm / H - 35mm
• PC Satin Diffuser - L=3600mm
• End Cap – ABS
• Accent Lighting
• Display cases
• Under-cabinet
• Perimeter ambient lighting Surface, 
• Task Lighting
• Wall washing
• Office, Conference Room

• Energy efficient
• Glare-free light
• Giving high quality of light
• Flexible installation
• Suspended or Surface mounting
• Mounting: fixed or adjustable mounting brackets
• Multiple Color options available
• Can be customized in various shape: - pentagon, hexagon

Eco 35x35

  • Product Code: ECO 35X35